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The sunburst is the focus of attention in Taos, the most popular entry door we make. The sun pattern, or rosette, has been used by generations of Carpinteros. It is a hand-carved pattern that can be varied in size to accommodate different door widths.

MESA Steps

The Mesa Step is used to give a Native American design to our Southwestern doors. It is commonly used on the Mesa I & II.


Patina is a decorative finish of copper inlay. We offer 25 different finishes to our copper inlays and can make various designs for each inlay, ranging in size from 10" to 60" in height.


We offer clavos (Spanish for nails) in two styles and two colors. Clavos come in round or square-head styles, which are 1and 1/2" or 2" in size. Los Maestros Carpinteros (Master Carpenters) have long used the clavos to add a Southwestern touch to their homes. Rust and black are the most common colors, but various copper colors can be special-ordered as well.


The bullet is a hand-tooled series of carvings made with a gouge chisel. (As depicted above). The bullet is used to give the appearance of rain drops in our Soledad entry door. Bullets are commonly used in the Taos and De Valle designs.

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