Quickly becoming a favorite in the contemporary Southwestern home, the Mesilla Patina combines a single panel of wood with a copper inlay of your choice. We offer more than 20 inlay finishes.


The combination of the thunder head and rain clouds will add class to any Southwestern-style home. These Native American symbols are blended with the richness of knotty pine wood. Wire brushing adds an aged look and compliments this door's hand carved designs.


The Las Cruces door combines 16 panels with a taste of Native American artistry and fine wood-work designs. The cross at the center of the door reflects a crossroads of style and design.


As the name implies, when you see this masterfully carved door, the great Southwest comes to mind. The Taos displays a sunburst, Santa Fe lines and hand-carved bullets. Create your own effect by installing a stained glass, hand-carved wooden-rosette insert or beveled-glass insert in the top panel. This beautiful door is a Southwestern favorite.

LA MESA       

This Santa Fe-style door is overflowing with Southwestern appeal. Each raised panel is surrounded by woven borders. The complex layout nicely enhances the adobe-style home.


The Sierra is a door that can enhance the beauty of any home. This stylish design can add to the traditional appeal, as well as the Mission Arch-style found in many old Southwestern homes. This design stands out when hardwoods such as alder, oak, maple and pecan are used.


This door is a definite favorite in the Las Cruces and southern New Mexico area. Crosses symbolize the rich heritage of the Mesilla Valley and its early settlers. Each door can be made with either a single cross or three crosses.


The six-light offset is a new twist to the traditional French door. This unique door looks wonderful on the patio as well as in the study or library. You can add stained or our original Gluechipped and Sandblasted designs to the glass. Or, you can leave it clear to create a simple, yet elegant atmosphere in any home. The La Vista is available with insulated or non-insulated tempered glass.

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